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Writer's strike to end?

Book.jpgThere's a rumour going around the Interflab that the Writer's strike could be coming to an end.

The talks between the Writers Guild of America and the long winded title for the Studios Guild, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, have apparently come up with positive results and it could mean an end to the strike before Xmas.

I first read about the rumour over on Joe Carnahan's blog, and then Deadline Hollywood Daily came up with the rumour from a source they trust, but are fearful of quoting just in case it raises false hope.

She does anyway. The negotiations that kicked off yesterday are going to be under a complete news blackout, so there shouldn't be any leaks...which makes me wonder why this one has come out.

Frankly I can't see anything for the studios other than to talk. They've been caught publicly stating the huge revenue they are getting and are going to continue getting from the Internet and Mobile delivery channels, the writers are on strike now and are going to stay that way for as long as it takes, and they have the backing of the actors whose contracts are coming up too. Oh, and one last thing, there's now no contract with the Writers Guild.

Looking at that how could you not return to the negotiating table? It would be madness.

Other news comes from Variety that the Writers Guild of Great Britain (that would be a union here) is urging its members to join a demonstration in London on Wednesday to show their support for the U.S. screenwriters.

Looks like the support is growing and there's no backing down just yet. Let's see where the talks lead. As much as I don't want the strike to continue, I think it might be good for Hollywood to be stuck without scripts for a bit, it might just remind them to value scripts much more and not go for endless rewrites by other writers until some executive gets what he wants, thinking it meets some formula for success.



I understand why people are striking and support them it's just a shame that tv shows like Heroes had to come to an early end because of it. Its only december and season 2 will be finished in a week. I'm looking forward to the new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse to start production.


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