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Zombie not remaking C.H.U.D.

RobZombie.jpgThe rumour that Rob Zombie might be directing the remake of C.H.U.D. Has been killed off and in no uncertain terms by Zombie's people.

He's not doing it, and the choice of a Director is still out there. So who would you choose?

I like the latest announcement though, from the people who brought us the rumour in the first place and said:

"THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED B-D reader 'Darryl B' pointed us to a small article on shock rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie, which included a very small blurb that some of you might find interesting. According to Billboard.com Zombie might direct the remake of C.H.U.D., which Tim Cox was originally attached to. Zombie wouldn't confirm, we'll look further into the matter.."

The capitalised text appeared after the story was published. Then today we see that Bloody Disgusting have said:

"We received word for Rob Zombie's management team that he will NOT be directing the remake of C.H.U.D., even though other websites are reporting otherwise. It was all a rumor, they tell us, Rob never said he was interested in CHUD or even thinking about doing it."

Brilliant stuff. Just before anyone starts shouting, here's what I said when I wrote about it:

"I was waiting to see if we could find out some concrete news about the rumour of Rob Zombie directing a remake of C.H.U.D....There is a confirmation on the original story, but there's no source or reasoning behind it, just "this has been confirmed"."

Well at least it shows that Rob Zombie isn't going to be doing it, and judging from the comments on the previous article it would seem a good thing.

So let's do some wild speculation and hoping here. If there were to be a remake of C.H.U.D., and the film was going to follow the original about a group of people heading into the sewers to find a way to destroy the creatures who are living there and murdering people, who would you want to helm it?

Dark, moody, stylish, reserved, subtle - that's the way I'd like to see the remake go, and for that I might suggest the makers if Ils (Filmstalker review), David Moreau and Xavier Palud. How would you want it to play out and who would you want to direct?



I was just checking the myspace and I saw a brief post from Zombie's page saying he's not involved and skipped on over here ....lol.

I don't know who I'd want to direct a remake...I barely remember the original having not watched it since I was a kid.


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