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10,000 BC trailer online

10000BC.jpgWell the weekend approaches so that means the trailers and clips start to appear, and the best of this morning's is undoubtedly the trailer for 10,000 BC, Roland Emmerich's latest epic effects filled blockbuster.

As usual the story sees to take second place to the effects as we're greeted with one of the most basic stories there is, however the effects do look great.

One thing though, did tribal cavemen speak, and were they so advanced as they seem here? Still, I can forgive that and write it off to just the interpretation of grunting for the big screen, because I think any historical accuracies are out the window with this one too.

Set that aside and watch the trailer for a moment. It certainly has action and adventure in bucket loads, and the effects do look superbly realistic. I'm keen to see an HD version of this and see how those effects hold up, I'm guessing with Emmerich that will be pretty damn well.

The story of 10,000 BC is of a man destined to free people from slavery, and all set in the time of cavemen and mammoths.

What do you think? Is there something interesting to be had here other than the big sequences and effects? Saying that I think that The Day After Tomorrow really delivered as did Independence Day and Godzilla, and they were all
Roland Emmerich big budget, big effects films.

You can see the trailer exclusively for now over at CHUD [QT:M:Embed].



Emmerich is one of my idols, and i say that with straight face. Even his worst is enjoyable and he usually delivers simple, straight forward popcorn flick cinema.

on an interesting note Richard, it seems the more we dig up and learn about "primitive" man, the more we realize that our learning process and civilization has been going on for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I'm fairly sure, with 99.999% certainty, that not only were men 12,000 years ago this advanced, but perhapse slightly even more so.

i can't wait for this film, man.


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