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Air Guitar Nation the movie?

C-Diddy.jpgIt looks like there is going to be a film about the art of Air Guitar inspired by the very contest that was filmed for the excellent documentary Air Guitar Nation (Filmstalker review).

It even comes from the book of one of the main characters of the documentary, Bjorn Turoque aka Dan Crane.

Crane was one of the two main competitors who tried to win the place of the first American contender in the World Air Guitar Championships, unfortunately he lost to the far superior C-Diddy, a man who just rocked the strings off that air guitar.

According to the story in the L.A. Times Crane wrote the book about his experiences in the competition before the documentary was released, and without the documentary there were hollow promises of fame and fortune galore that eventually totally flattened Crane.

However once the film was seen the excitement and interest was up and the rights have been bought by DreamWorks, and if the L.A. Times story is correct, they've also bought the rights to the film and the U.S. Air Guitar Championships.

Expect a fully fledged film soon. Meanwhile, see the documentary, it still remains one of may favourite films for the last few years.



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