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Alex Proyas writing The Tripods?

TheTripods.jpgWhile reading about Alex Proyas directing Nicolas Cage in Knowing, I caught something rather interesting on his IMDB profile. Now we know how IMDB can be unreliable and filled with rumour, except this isn't sitting as a rumour.

Alex Proyas is writing the big screen version of the book and BBC television series, The Tripods.

Now we already heard that Gregor Jordan is directing the film version of The Tripods, but the story was that he was rewriting the script. Does that mean that Alex Proyas wrote the original, or that he's since come on to rewrite that version?

Jordan is responsible for the darkly satirical Buffalo Soldiers, which was a very good film, and Proyas is the man behind the excellent Dark City, so could this be a great meeting of minds?

The bigger question is if we're ever likely to see a big screen version of this film, or is it going the same way as the A-Team film, i.e., nowhere fast. I'd like to hope it is going to make it because it was a great story.

The original trilogy of books were written in the 1960's by Samuel Youd writing as John Christopher. It told the story of a group of freedom fighters as they try to overthrow a a race of beings who have taken over the world, simply called the Masters.

When out in the real world the Masters rode inside of huge tripod devices and they ruled humans through a ritual of capping where a mind controlling plate was placed on the head of all those reaching a certain age, hence our heroes were younger than expected.

It was an excellent television series, and I really do hope that we get to see it on the big screen. The time for remakes and fantasy/science fiction trilogies is now after all.



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