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Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem five minutes online

AvP2.jpgThere are five minutes online for the new Alien Vs. Predator film entitled Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem .

Now the reason I haven't said “the first five minutes” is because they've done something rather interesting with this opening clip, rather than just the first five minutes, they've edited it to give us the first five minutes of exciting footage.

You might think I've overstated it by saying exciting footage, but actually it is pretty good. If you can forget the way it races on – because of the editing for this internet promotional piece – you do come out of it thinking that this could be rather a good film.

The effects are really strong, and the opening story does seem like a good one. My only concern is have we seen the best bits, and with the rest put back in the pace and excitement is gone?

Could this be the best Alien Vs. Predator? See for yourself by viewing the opening five minutes over at Yahoo Movies [Flash] through Superhero Hype. The only problem is it's a really small size.



If it's five minutes of edited-together footage, doesn't that make it a boring, overlong trailer?

This has always looked better than the first AVP film we were given a few years back. I shall be going to watch this and by the look of things I shall be enjoying it too.

Pacze Moj: Good point! Although it actually looks much stronger than you'd expect.


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