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Another Sid Vicious film

SidVicious.jpgAlan Parker is set to start work on a film about the Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, one which is described as the "ultimate" film about the man.

The life of Vicious has been covered memorably with the the film Sid and Nancy, however Parker has some strong views about the film.

Speaking over at Digital Spy, he said that this film was the reason he wanted to make the ultimate version.

"I have strong views on [1986 biopic] Sid And Nancy so I wanted to make the ultimate, last word movie. It will be 100 minutes of facts and at the end we're going to turn round and let the audience be the jury."

Sid Vicious led a wild life full of drugs, drink, and of course Sex Pistols. He died of an overdose as he awaited trial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend who had been stabbed the previous year.

It will be interesting to see another biographical film of the man, especially in a time when there are a number of biographical films planned of big talents who lead lives high in the public eye.

Once again though, I do find it hard to raise any sympathy or find any connection with people like this, especially those who gain fame and money and destroy themselves, and others, in the process.



different alan parker. not the filmmaker you dolts

Do you actually read anything before you comment? Where does it say what Alan Parker this is? I've just given his name and talked about the story, and if you'd taken the time to visit Filmstalker in the past you'll see I IMDB link just about everything - I haven't here.

Since I didn't say it was any specific Alan Parker, it's you that has made the connection that you deem as incorrect (whatever that connection might be) and so is it not you that's the dolt?

Perhaps reading before typing might be a good idea.

Wow Rich! Dont forget your heart buddy!


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