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A-Team script review

TheATeam.jpgThe A-Team has received a script read and quick review online, and it doesn't look good. With the update to Iraq sounding okay and the founding incident keeping the continuity going, everything seems okay.

The characters are the same, except for Mr T. who is sold as a twenty two year old muscular powerhouse.

Okay, I can understand the need to update the story for a modern audience and I can see the issue with how the old Mr T would work on a big screen with a new audience, but at the same time, as part of that old audience, I can feel a little bit of nostalgia creeping out the back door from the original series.

Can they really replace Mr T? Should they?

Well that's not really the issue with the script review over at Moviehole. The essence of it is that the writer just doesn't find anything of interest in the script and doesn't get excited. It has action, and that's all based around the stolen art from the Iraqi museum that lands the A-Team in the position they are, on the run from their own authorities, but there seems to be no emotional involvement.

From the writer's viewpoint The A-Team film isn't going to be anything but a film at the level of 2 Fast, 2 Furious.

I'm actually more drawn to The Losers which is a very similar story but has already been updated to modern day. An elite black ops team is double crossed by a mystical figure within the government agency they work for so they set out to go it alone and get their revenge.

It's a similar tale, already updated, packed with style and action from the comic book origins. However the thing that it doesn't have going for it is the Director, once Peter Berg, then McG, now Tim Story. That film could do with John Singleton, and John Singleton could do well with that film.



Do I have permission to cry because my childhood memories have been raped.

Martin, the Guardian Arts blog shares your sentiments.

I pity the fool!

You have permission, in fact we all do!


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