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A-Team will be made!

TheATeam.jpgI have to step back from the keyboard and swallow my words for a moment as John Singleton is confirmed as the Director of the A-Team film.

More than the surprise truth behind the rumour, that I really didn't believe, is the fact that the film is going to be made...finally.

A few days ago the rumour of John Singleton directing a film version of the television series The A-Team came out, and I really didn't believe it. After all the rumour of the film had been going since 15th of October 2004, my first ever online film article.

However it looks to be true as BlackVoices through Moviehole has John Singleton himself confirming, and that means a lot of things, first the film will be made...hopefully. Of course something could still go wrong, Director's are attached to projects that never make it all the time, but this means that the idea of a film version has taken a huge leap forward.

The second thing is that with John Singleton directing we could be in a for a gritty, slightly darker and harder edged, A-Team than the series gave us. Perhaps we're in line for a few baddies actually being killed in this one?

I would expect very little to come through from the series apart from the team and the general concept of ex-soldiers on the run from the military becoming mercenaries, but mercenaries with morals and purpose.

I'm really starting to like this idea. You can already see the Interflab filling up with quotes like "I love it when a plan comes together" and "I 'ain't getting on no plane fool".



I second Ram's YAY!

I can hear the A-Team music playing in the background! :)


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