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Bale negotiating for Terminator

Terminator.jpgWell it does seem that Christian Bale is negotiating for a role in Terminator, which makes me think that this film is pushing itself forward for something much bigger and better than a simple money earning sequel to a huge franchise.

There's absolutely no word yet as to who he would be playing, and we've heard rumours back and forth, but I think he would make a great Terminator.

The rumours we've heard are back and forth. Some say that he's going to be the new hero, since the film will not be looking at John Connor, and some say that he'll be the Terminator. To be honest no one really knows outside that negotiating circle at the moment.

However this casting story from Reuters is a surprise. McG directing a Terminator sequel and Christian Bale wanting a leading role? It has to mean that either he's doing it for a laugh or he's hard up for cash, or what is more likely, that this is shaping up to be a strong sequel.

That would surprise me. McG does take some flack, but he can direct action well and keep the pace going on a story. He's just not really tackled something meaty as yet.

Of course it could also mean that the new Terminator, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is set to go all action and entertainment, which means that Bale is deciding to do something for fun for a change and not something dark and rich in character – which even Batman is.

There's a lot to consider, and it could be going either way, but I'm dying to know which side Bale is going to be on.



My hopes are high for this film.


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