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Berg to replace Mann in Cruise CIA film?

PeterBerg.jpgPeter Berg is a really good Director, and with each film I see of his the more I'm drawn to his work. He follows a similar style to Michael Mann at times, but still keeps something unique in his work, so the news today that he could be directing Edwin A. Salt and therefore Tom Cruise is that extra bit interesting.

Michael Mann was previously assigned to direct the film but headed off to Enemies starring Johnny Depp, so it would seem a good choice for Peter Berg to step into his shoes.

Kurt Wimmer wrote the script for Edwin A. Salt which sees Tom Cruise play Salt, a CIA officer who is outed by a defector as a Russian sleeper spy, it's here that his life is turned upside down and he must set about trying to prove his innocence.

Wimmer has had a mixed writing career, from The Thomas Crown Affair to Ultraviolet, there are highs and lows.

The story comes from through Coming Soon, and at the moment it's still the old "insiders" talking about the project.

Perhaps though this is a possibility, with Peter Berg being such a Michael Mann disciple, perhaps he makes the best choice to step into the gap left behind and direct Cruise.



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