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Blogging Film-makers

FrankMiller.jpgFrank Miller is blogging about The Spirit online just now, and that has opened up an instant marketing channel to the film, one that wouldn't have been an option a few years ago.

However there's a cynical attitude creeping into the blogging arena, and we have to be careful that the marketing companies and studios don't just grab the term and use it as another marketing stream, something that is happening already.

You see for me a film blog should mean a couple of things, an insight into the production, filming and editing of the film, a feed to keep you updated instantly of new additions to the site, and the ability to comment and interact with the content and the writer, and the ability .

However more and more film blogs are exploiting the associated marketing and not getting truly engaged with the audience. Frank Miller's blog is looking very much like that.

There is no feed, there's no direct access to individual pages to reference if you decide to write about and comment on the content, or if you want to social bookmark a particular article. You can't copy any of the content from Internet Explorer to quote anything. The page doesn't even display properly in Internet Explorer and I can't scroll down to see what the rest of the story is. Most importantly there are no comments, or there might be, I just can't get my browser down far enough.

The Spirit Production Blog, found through Superhero Hype, really a blog, it's a site update. An updated flash marketing web page.

If a film company is going to have a blog on their production then they should really create a blog. It needs a feed, or multiple feeds, it needs comments to be allowed, individual pages accessible directly, and the ability to copy text from the site.

If the blog is about a specific production get others from the film involved, update it regularly, and above all make it work in all the major browsers.

If these things aren't in place then you're missing the chance of a free, or relatively low cost marketing channel, and the whole idea of blogging. Allowing others to read the content when and where they like, as well as quoting to write stories about your posts will bring visitors in, not send them elsewhere.

As it stands now, The Spirit Production Blog will be hard to get updates from unless you're a daily visitor, and that means there'll be a downturn in visitors as most people wait for updates from other, more accessible sites.

For those of you thinking of starting a film blog, or any blog for that matter, make sure you heed the above and you'll be setting yourself up for a base of regular and timely readers.



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