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Bond 22 lady chosen

GemmaArterton.jpgThe first, I say first because there should be more with Bond involved, Bond lady has been chosen, and it's Gemma Arterton, she of St. Trinian's fame, or rather not fame yet as the horrendous looking film has yet to be released.

Still, that's one big leap for her from that rubbish to the next Bond film.

However, let's be calm here as there isn't word yet as to how big a Bond lady Gemma Arterton will be playing, and I don't mean that in a sexist way. She's a lady, possibly not the lady - I say lady as I feel girl is a little condescending don't you?

The rumour has been going around the Interflab for some time but Empire believe they have it confirmed.

Well I can't really comment on that, it's news, I've reported it, and I have no idea if it's good or not, just that she's just come from the travesty that is St. Trinian's - well it looks like that anyway. Oh, wait a moment though, she also appears in RocknRolla, the next British gangster film from the British gangster film director, Guy Ritchie.

I don't think she's playing the lead Bond lady do you?



First glance at that photo I thought it was singer Kate Nash.

Yeah, it's hard to get a photo of the young lady that isn't at a copyrighted site - I've surprisingly got morals!

I'll try and get something better as more snaps of her appear.

Just that she's just come from the travesty that is St. Trinian's

Oh, so you're not really keen on this remake, would you rather suggest I see the original? I was looking forward to see it because of Colin Firth and Rupert Everett's involvement, I loved them in Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

I have to say mind that I have a lot of respect for those who are RADA alumni like Miss Arterton.

On another subject. RocknRolla also stars Gerard Butler! How come I didnt know about this? Thanks for the heads up, or else that would of totally slipped my radar.

Oh come on, have you seen the trailer for the film and read the blurb? It doesn't matter what they've been in before, this film sounds awful - Girls Aloud are in it!

RADA or not, that film choice stinks.

I'm interested to see how RocknRolla turns out though. Is it going to be more Lock Stock or more Revolver, I hope the latter.

However I would rather just leap forward to see Ritchie's Gamekeeper.

this film sounds awful - Girls Aloud are in it!

LOL Say no more Richard, I get it!

I don't have to see it anyway, as there's a lot of films to see in January.


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