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Branagh's Magic Flute trailer online

KennethBranagh.jpgI'm a huge fan of Kenneth Branagh, I love his visual style and the passion he has for Shakespeare and the big screen, and above all I love his ingenuity.

So to finally see the trailer online for his World War I adaptation of Mozart's opera The Magic Flute is something of a special moment, and a surprising one.

Although the trailer is in Japanese you still manage to see some fantastic moments and visually exciting ones. This looks set to rival Love's Labour's Lost for the strangest combination of ideas - there it was a 30's musical with Cole Porter music and Shakespeare - here we're seeing Mozart's famous opera with a World War I cinematic epic.

Kenneth Branagh really likes to diversify, but for me his crowning achievements are his Shakespearean adaptations, and Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost rank as my top two favourite from him.

As an aside we are still waiting for Hamlet to arrive on DVD, something that has been promised and is actually happening, we're just waiting for the release date.

However, in the meantime we're taking a leap away from Shakespeare and hitting the operatic The Magic Flute. You can see the trailer below which comes through the relatively knew group blog Row Three.

I'd recommend Row Three to anyone as they look at more diverse cinema tastes and have an excellent group of writers on board.

Anyway, here's the trailer for The Magic Flute, have a look and see what you think. I'm pretty taken with the visual style, I'd just like something a little more coherent to understand the flow of the story.



Looks like some of it was shot in Technicolor. Lovely.

You can buy Hamlet in the U.K. from HMV. It's £9.99 on line though I believe it is more expensive in store

Woah! You know when I checked that out and hit the tag at the bottom of the story I found my own write up of the release!! Fool!

You can read it here along with the full specs - that's an audio commentary and everything!

Damn, need that on the wish list immediately!

I am sure I will love this film!

Its got opera, and Kenneth Branagh!


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