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Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz

Buzz.jpgHere's a little break from the norm, but it is film related and would make for a great Xmas present if you've still got some to get!

Buzz!, if you don't know, is a series of quiz games available on the Playstation 2 and 3 that feature cool buzzers and the voice of Jason Donovan. They're loads of fun, especially if you're having a party, and there's a new Buzz! on the go called The Hollywood Quiz.

Here's the official run down of the game:

Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz challenges movie and celebrity buffs' knowledge with over 5,000 questions across a diverse array of celebrity images, film clips, pictures, sound bites and Hollywood trivia.

New and improved round types - will you master Rollover and Fact or Fiction to see your name in lights?

Tackle questions on more than 100 movie clips - as well as stills, celebrity images, sound bites, quotes and Hollywood trivia.

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz comes with a set of buzzers, or I'm pretty sure that you can use the existing buzzer set, I've been able to on the previous games anyway.

Seriously, this is a lot of fun and a good buy, and a blatant advert! We might get lucky and get a few for a competition or something similar.

Still, if you are a fan of Buzz! you can play it online for free. Head over to the Let's Play Buzz site and get buzzing. I was surprised how many caught me unawares.



We might get lucky and get a few for a competition or something similar.

Be looking forward to the next Filmstalker competition then!


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