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Cage joins Proyas' futuristic Knowing

AlexProyas.jpgNicolas Cage has signed up for Alex Proyas' Knowing, a move which has me kindling some hope for his performance.

Alex Proyas is the director of Dark City, The Crow and is also responsible for I, Robot.

So thinking of what Proyas can do you might be allowed some fresh hope for the next performance from Nicolas Cage, and that we might see something different and a little challenging.

The story of Knowing comes from Variety and tells us that he will be playing a teacher who uncovers a time capsule and the objects begin revealing the future. Through them he becomes convinced that the world is going to end within the week and that somehow he and his son are involved in the events.

Sounds interesting, if you put aside any preconceptions of Cage in a futuristic thriller and think more to the ideas behind Déjà Vu then you can have some pretty positive thoughts about the film.

The script has been undergoing various rewrites with the latest from Proyas as co-writer with Stuart Hazeldine, and the idea that Proyas could have shaped a fair bit of the script is also a good sign, after all he made the excellent Dark City.



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