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Cage proves it's for the money

NicolasCage.jpgNicolas Cage is showing that any hope of seeing a good performance left in him has gone as he reveals that he'd love to do a second sequel to National Treasure and a Ghost Rider sequel.

Well you can't blame him can you? There's big money involved and he could have a slice of it, but what happened to his career? What happened to performances like that of 8mm, Snake Eyes, Red Rock West, Kiss of Death, etc?

It looks like they are gone in favour of big budget formulaic sequels. He even says as much over at Coming Soon through Cinema Blend when he reveals what he'd love to see for the third National Treasure.

“I believe that it should become more and more 'International Treasure'... was very happy to see that we went to London, England and Paris, France, but I'd like to see the movie go wider still. I'd like to go into Africa, Egypt, Asia, and keep going. My hope is that Ben is recruited and he gets a dossier from these other countries about their history, and has to download it and learn it, and then try to go on these hunts on their behalf. That would be a lot of fun for me.”

I'm sure it would be tons of fun for you, for the audience it's just ticking as many “I live there” moments as possible to appeal to as many territories as possible.

I'm really not a fan of National Treasure. It was over simplified and hugely dumbed up to the point I felt insulted watching it. I prey that they've done something vaguely intelligent with the second, but so far I've not been persuaded.

Now I haven't even mentioned the fact that he'd like to do a Ghost Rider 2. Let's face it that was really badly mishandled. Problem is that it made money and so there's a wage in there for Cage, why wouldn't he say no?

There's also the thing that Josh points out. No actor is going to say no to a project that hasn't even started, that is unless they have morales and the project goes against those, otherwise they are going to say yes and keep themselves in the running.

After all what would happen if Ghost Rider 2 got a huge budget and Steven Spielberg took it over, if he'd said no months prior I'm sure he'd be feeling sick as the role went to George Clooney!!



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