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Carnahan's Pablo receives Escobar support

JoeCarnahan.jpgJoe Carnahan has just received a huge letter today regarding his biographical film Pablo Escobar, and it came from none other than Pablo Escobar's son.

Juan Pablo Escobar was once the heir to the drug cartel his father ran but turned his back on it all. Now he's living in secrecy, until now.

He wrote to Carnahan to offer his support in the upcoming film, and what support this will be. He's offering access to the official family history, photos, films, letters and so on. Although Joe rightly points out that there are obvious caveats to the use of all of this, it is none the less a huge scoop for the film and steps it up considerably over the other Escobar film, Killing Pablo.

You can read more of Joe Carnahan getting very excited, and rightly so, over on his blog.

This is a big scoop for Killing Pablo, and will make it more of an official biographical film than anything else out there.



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