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Catholic Church clears Golden Compass

TheGoldenCompass.jpgWe can all breathe a sigh of relief as the Catholic Church have declared The Golden Compass safe to watch, and surprisingly going against the Catholic League who are still demanding that Catholics boycott the film.

The Catholic Church feels that the film doesn’t pose a threat to Catholics, and yet the Catholic League (of Extraordinary Gentlemen) believe that it does by leading people onto the books.

According to the story from WENN through IMDB, the U.S. conference of Catholic Bishops has reviewed the film and says:

“…the good news is that ... explicit references to this church… have been completely excised. This is not the blatant real-world anti-Catholicism of, say, the recent Elizabeth: The Golden Age or The Da Vinci Code. Religious elements, as such are practically nil.”

Meanwhile the Catholic League are still upset and are calling for a boycott of the film. William Donohue, the President of the Catholic League, said of the book:

“The idea is to sell the horrors of Catholicism and the virtues of atheism to youth”

I find it amazing that the film is getting so much negativity. Can’t Catholic’s be responsible for their own decisions? Do they need to be protected from the film and therefore the book? Is watching the film or reading the book going to suddenly brainwash people and take away their free will? - Oh not, that's being done for them already. Can a film really have more hold over the religious control being exerted here?



I couldn't agree with you more Richard. It drives me crazy how these religious organizations get all up in arms over a piece of fiction.

I haven't read the books, so I can't say if there is any reason to be offended. I have thought about reading the books way before this controversary, but haven't made time. Now I think I will make some time, so that I can find out for myself if there is any validity to these claims. It amazes me how so many people will allow themselves to fall into the trap of boycotting something based on the word of person or organization without even researching the topic on for themselves.

Maybe we're just idealists Meli? Or is that realists?


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