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Clips 'n' Pics: Doomsday, Death Race, Incredible Hulk

DeathRace2000.jpgThere are some new pictures online for Neil Marshall's Doomsday, the remake of Death Race 2000, simply called Death Race, and the ignore the first one sequel, The Incredible Hulk.

All of the photos show quite clearly why I don't go mad when stills come out for films as they are all dull and uninteresting. However, the Death Race picture does give us a little clue about the film.

You can see the photos (yes there are two) for The Incredible Hulk over at MoviesOnline, and they are dull as dishwater. There's no Hulk, although we get Edward Norton sitting in a big gamma radiation chair and looking intently at a vial of liquid. Woo.

Doomsday has a pretty cool photo of Rhona Mitra standing in front of a big helicopter which seems to be fitted with a rather large machine gun. There's also a shot of her holding a pistol, possibly hitting someone with something, and Neil Marshall looking intently at the filming. Here's a taste of one for you again from MoviesOnline.

The last I've kept back, the Death Race film photo, because it does actually give us something. Again from MoviesOnline, this one has Jason Statham sitting at the wheel of a hugely customised car, not in the way we'd know it though, customised as in Mad Max style.

What this does tell us is that perhaps the new Death Race is throwing out the campiness factor and going for a basis in reality. The cars certainly look that way, and there's no campiness showing in this shot.



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