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Cloverfield television advert online

Cloverfield.jpgThere's a television advert online for the monster film Cloverfield, and while it mostly contains footage we've already seen, it's cut in a new way and given a snazzy soundtrack.

Really there's not much more to gain from it, although there's a little more focus on the people rather than the events, and some of the bigger effects look really slick.

I like the feel of this trailer much more than the ones we've seen before, this has a more real film feel to it rather than the handheld camera and Blair Witch feel that we've seen before. Obviously this is for selling to the masses who haven't been on the Internet getting hyped up by it all.

So the question is does it? Would this sell Cloverfield to you if you hadn't been into the hype, and how would it sell it?

You can see the clip right here:

The clip comes from MovieWeb through CHUD:

I think what this would sell to you is a disaster film mixed with Godzilla, it looks like a much bigger budget epic than the film is really. What I think the most effective part of this is, is when you mix it with the online hype, this actually gives us another layer and reveals a little more. As a standalone it perhaps gives the wrong message out.



For someone who hasn't see the trailer in the movie theater or who doesn't pay attention to movie news on the internet I'm not sure it would grab them.

It's difficult for me to look at it objectively because I'm already excited about this movie. I did see this very TV spot two nights ago while watching TV and I immediately had to IM my friend, LOL. (Man, I'm slave to the internet I can't even sit down to watch TV without the laptop in my lap)

What did strike me as unusual is it played around 11:30pm while I was watching a rerun of Friends. I also have yet to see this during a prime time commercial break. However, with nearly all my shows in reruns I have not watched a lot of network TV over the last couple of weeks.

I think they are relying on this word of mouth. The people who are already excited about the film passing on the word to others.

It's like Snakes in the Plane without the pre-hype and (hopefully) a much better film.


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