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Darabont takes King's Long Walk

FrankDarabont.jpgI can't find it in the archives, but I definitely wrote already about Frank Darabont taking on another Stephen King adaptation, this time his story called The Long Walk.

The story is about a walking race where the competitors are shot if they stop walking, and the last one walking is the winner.

Now I haven't seen The Mist yet to comment, although some aren't as finding it as successful and powerful as Frank Darabont's previous Stephen King adaptations, but this certainly does sound like a odd project to pick up on.

There doesn't seem that much to the story to bring to the film. However instead of discussing the plot and such, over at Rotten Tomatoes through Latino Review, Darabont has been talking about how he's going to film it.

"Certainly you can't get too handheld with it because then you'd have an image bouncing for the length of a feature film...I think there's got to be some stabilizing gizmos that I can use to get some of that coverage but I'm already thinking about that...

...That would also be, I think, probably the more ragged and loose and documentary kind of feel. It would probably be an even lower budget than this one was."

The last part is the most interesting, a low budget and documentary type feel to it. So filming The Long Walk as though it was a documentary of the competitors, or one competitor in particular. Now that could bring something fresh to it, but I still don't see enough for a film treatment at the moment. Apparently Darabont does.



One of King's best novels, I think... As far as concept. I would love to see what Darabont does with it. I haven't seen The Mist, but so far it looks like it's at least worth seeing. Doubt it rivals Green Mile at all.

Is it? It's been so long since I read it I can hardly remember.

I think Dark Tower are the best books, but then I am such a big fan of the Gunslinger.


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