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Dark Knight six minutes revealed

TheJoker.jpgOn Monday night a small group of people were treated to the opening six minutes of The Dark Knight, the sequel to Christopher Nolan's Batman.

Not only that but it was IMAX strength, and there's a write up of those elongated minutes online.

The good news is that those same six minutes of The Dark Knight are going to be shown in IMAX screens along with I Am Legend, a great reason to go and see the film if you didn't already need one, and frankly you don't.

Christopher Nolan spoke a little about the film over at MTV:

"In the finished film, there will be four or five IMAX sequences...Everything about doing this in the IMAX format is trying to get that feeling back when I was a little kid when I'd sit in a movie theater and see images that were larger than life. That's what I'm trying to get back to with this material. I felt like introducing the Joker in this way because he's such a huge character [and it] would be a very fun thing to do."

MTV also carry the full write up of the six minutes, but here are the salient points. The film opens with the start of a bank robbery, the masked clown robbers unsure of who has hired them to do this job, someone called the Joker.

Once inside the job turns bad, not least because they find out they are hitting a mob bank, and the robbers are getting killed one by one by a fellow robber.

Finally one remains and the bank employee played by William Fichtner asks the robber:

"The criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor. Respect. What do you believe in?"

The robber removes his mask to reveal the scarred face of the Joker who says

"I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger"

One thing that Christopher Nolan mentions in the write up that does disappoint me slightly is that we aren't going to see an origin story for the Joker, and that he's right here, in full character from scene one.

In a way that's good so we can concentrate on the Batman-Joker relationship and the arch villain himself, but in another way I would have liked to have seen him built up from a common criminal.

Still, I think we're all going to get a serious kick out of Heath Ledger's Joker in this new Batman film.



Sounds great. I really can't wait for this!


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