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Dawson and Harrelson join suicidal Smith

WillSmith.jpgWe already heard that Will Smith was going to be playing a suicidal man in the film Seven Pounds, now we hear that Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson are joining the film which is set to be a pretty heavy drama.

I’m really excited about that news because I really do love Smith’s serious acting side, especially when he’s playing a character against type, something that he looks like he’ll be doing here.

From the Grant Nieporte screenplay and directed by Gabriele Muccino, Seven Pounds will see Will Smith star as a man who falls in love while trying to kill himself.

It sounds like his character is going to be in a real bad place, and the news from Empire tells us that Rosario Dawson is set to join the film as the woman he falls for, a woman suffering from a congenital heart condition (Snap! So am I! It’s all the rage these days). Woody Harrelson meanwhile will play a motel worker who strikes up a friendship with the suicidal man.

Sounds like this could give us a really strong Will Smith performance, and that’s a great thing. Let’s see more of his acting prowess and less action and special effects for a change, not that I’m against that, just that I think he’s hugely underrated as a “Hollywood star”, something that is set to change.



Do you know if Rosario's character is suffering from heart failure or a congenital heart defect? The interviews aren't clear.

I don't think it would be heart failure as she would be dead already.

It would be a heart defect surely.


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