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Del Toro closes off Hellboy III?

Hellboy.jpgWay back in October of 2006 Guillermo del Toro revealed that he had a great idea for Hellboy 3, and that he was actively looking at making the storyline for the second film segway into a possible third.

Here's what he said back then.

"I've talked to [Hellboy creator Mike] Mignola about the third one. He seemed to like [my idea], and that is that the way the love story would pay off in the third movie would be completely unexpected," hints del Toro. "I knew what I wanted to do on the first one, but I had no idea if we ever would get to do a second one. And now that we are I really am laying down the breadcrumbs that will lead you to a very, very, hopefully, powerful denouement of that loving couple...

...The second one is self-contained and if we never get to do the third one there's only one element that people will have hanging where they will go, 'Oh Jesus, I wish they had done a third one.' But if not, it's fine,"

Now Guillermo del Toro is reiterating that, and seems to imply that he's happy with the way he's ended the second film so that if there never is a third, he won't be left wanting.

“The way Mike and I did approach this was, when we were told, 'Think about something, if you want, for a sequel,' we went away and said, 'Let's talk about it,'...'Do we want to continue the story?' We did the first one saying, 'That's it. It's a self-concluding story.' And I said, 'Let's come up with an arc that makes sense for us for the second and third movie...

...I went in and wrote a self-conclusive screenplay [for the second movie]. So if there's never a third one, I'm perfectly at peace.'”

So now I'm not so sure if there will be a third. Back in 2006 del Toro seemed very keen, but in this comment from Sci Fi Wire he seems to be positioning it so that there doesn't have to be a third.

Of course it all rests with how well Hellboy II: The Golden Army does in the cinema, but could you see a third? Would you want to?



I'd rather wait and see Hellboy II before I say if I want a third. :)

I thought the first one was a lot of fun and so I've been mildly looking forward to a sequel. Of course having now seen the trailer I'm more than midly excited...lol.


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