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Edward Norton leaves State of Play

EdNorton.jpgNot so long ago we heard that Brad Pitt had left State of Play quite suddenly allegedly due to disagreements over the script.

Now the news is that Edward Norton has also left the film, and now it's starting to look like there could be trouble ahead.

In the previous story we heard that Brad Pitt was unhappy with the script, he had signed up to the version from Michael Matthew Carnahan, but since then it's been going through a few rewrites, and at that point Pitt was unhappy and wanted to wait for Carnahan to return after the strike to perform some more work.

That wasn't going to happen. So Pitt left. Then we heard that Russell Crowe was being looked at as a replacement.

Now the news from Variety through Coming Soon is that Edward Norton has left and that talks have begun to replace him with Ben Affleck.

While Pitt left State of Play under a dark cloud and the studio threatening legal action, Edward Norton has left because he had committed to follow State of Play with two roles in another film, and with the work to replace Pitt being the convenient delay excuse – which it might really be – they've called that into play.

So now it's Ben Affleck playing the Edward Norton role of the fast rising politician that is caught in a conspiracy involving a murder, and the journalist who is investigating the events will be played by Russell Crowe, formerly Brad Pitt.

That is a big drop in the acting stakes I have to say, the Pitt-Norton line up was one I was looking forward to, now I'm not too sure an Affleck-Crowe head to head is going to be as exciting.



I thought it could still work without Pitt if Norton was still involved but now that he's left...

I don't mind Crowe, he's been briiliant and have always been good in my books, but can Affleck act alongside him?


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