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Eva Green says Church will grow angrier with films

EvaGreen.jpgEva Green has been talking about The Golden Compass, and she never seems to be someone who holds back on what she says, so it's no surprise that her comments are warning of more trouble between the Church and the studio behind The Golden Compass.

She's said that there's no avoiding the religious tones of the novels, particularly by the third book, and the Church will not be happy.

Despite the fact that the Church are currently happy with the film, it's just the Catholic League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that want it banned and none of their members to see it, Eva Green seems certain that there's trouble ahead for the franchise.

She told the New York Post through WENN and Starpulse News Blog:

“The religion is quite diluted in the first one, but, as it goes on, I think they can't really avoid it because that's what it is - it's all about God. So, good luck to the studio with Book 3.”

So have they managed to keep religion out of it for now and it's going to creep into the rest of the series? I'm not so sure. I think they've gone to great lengths to ensure that they could do three films and keep religion right out of it.

The real problem will be the association with the book at that point, for it is the book that's the problem to these hierarchical business organisations called organised religion.



"...hierarchical business organisations called organised religion."

C'mon Richard...quit being so diplomatic. Tell us how you really feel. :)

Not all Christian churches are hierarchical or business oriented, and btw, which Church is "The Church"? Roman Catholic? Methodist? Other? Just curious...I know what Hollywood tells us, but I thought it might be different across the pond.

Anyway, I'm interested to read the books now that I've heard some object to the religious parts of the storyline. I'm not the type who feels seeing an opposing viewpoint will negatively affect me.

C'mon Richard...quit being so diplomatic. Tell us how you really feel.

Wow, you're good Hap! Yeah Rich, tell us what you really think! (Good ole Hap here has been offline from Filmstalker for a while and now starts causing dissent!) LOL

I have to say that I'm just about to log off until I saw Hap's post on this topic. (Btw, how you've been Hap?)

Anyway, good point there about not being the type who feels seeing an opposing viewpoint will negatively affect you Hap. I also try to apply that now especially in films such as these that tries to send some message across. I am also not too familiar with the background of these books and all I am really hearing is that it's anti-Catholic. But have you also noticed that it seems like a lot of things these days is not just about one religious group, so it's not as if they are being picked on specifically.

Just stirring the pot a little, Simone. :)

I've been stressed to the hilt lately with too many things swirling around me but otherwise doing alright. Thanks for asking. Hope you've been doing well.

Whether they are targeting Catholics, Christians, or even theists in general, it doesn't bother me much. I think where most have a problem is in the fantasy nature of the show and that the content might be meant for a younger audience. There is a lot of indoctrination that goes on no matter which side of the issue you stand on, and from what I've seen, a lot of effort is put into preventing exposure to dissenting opinions. In my case, I've long since discovered that I would have been better off had I studied other religions (including atheism and agnosticism) at an earlier age. So, to me, movies like this are positive. They prompt discussion where there otherwise might be none.

Well I did have a double take over that comment and considered whether I should put it in or not.

From my point of view I feel a structured business run by humans doesn't reflect any word or rule of any god.

Personally I'm against the organisation of religion, as you can no doubt tell, and I just thought I'd wade in rather than continually skirting round the issue! I'm not against individual's belief or faith.

Believe and worship how and where you please, do not feel the need to pay others for the act, do not feel the need to adhere to man made rules particularly rules which are changed through the years by man to fit with society and for marketing purposes, and so on.

Belief and faith is about you and whatever you believe and have faith in, and with that goes a freedom of choice and an opinion that needs to be fed and educated.

How that can be done with a business (perhaps Guild or Union is a better word) demanding it's members not to see a film in fear of reading their book and leaving them is beyond me.

If they read the book and form another opinion which breaks them from the group isn't that their own considered opinion? Isn't that their will?

Oh, and I meant to say Hap, good to see you back, and I agree with your comments there. Discussion and debate are paramount (not the film studio).

The real problem with this film though is that the group is scared people are drawn to the books, where the really non-organised religion comments are - I believe as I haven't read them myself.

I think you'll find that leaders demanding members do something or not do something is much more associated with what I would call massively organized religion. While my chosen Church shares its name with many others, none of those other Churches nor their leaders have any influence over us. We are independent in that sense but still organized in a much more local sense. Nevertheless, our little organization can still experience some of the same general silliness that goes on in much more bureaucratic systems.

Did I mention I didn't necessarily disagree with the comment I quoted? :)

Damn you agree?! I was hoping for a big argument!

No, seriously, you've hit the nail on the head and realised who I was directing the comment to.

I have to keep you on your toes every now and then, don't I?????

Besides, I thought if I highlighted what you slipped in there at the end of the article, we could start a big religious war in the comments. Clearly I'm going to have to try harder to get that going. :)

I love it when you two get along! :P

I thought there was going to be a huge row as well, seems that there's just a better class of commenter over here.

Thanks Rich!

*Simone taking a bow*

Just having seen the film, I actually thought it was fantastic! I am not really into this reading anything about it being anti-Catholic and all, but the talking armoured polar bear voiced by Ian McKellen was awesome! I very rarely get impressed by visual effects but this one truly did it for me.

Dakota Blue Richards should win a breakthrough performance award for this.


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