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Filmstalker's Week 2nd to 9th December

Newspapers.jpgWell this week saw my Birthday pass me by, yet again, and a mammoth amount of trailer appear online, and some corkers too.

I've included all the trailers, as well as the reviews for The Simpsons Movie on DVD and Bee Movie in the cinemas and the latest feature.

If you'd like to do the roundup, drop me a note, and if you have any ideas for features you'd like to see, head over to Filmstalker readers and help us all out.

The latest site feature takes a look at films diluted by their sequels, meaning how the original films from a franchise have fared when rewatched after they've had a number of sequels, good or bad.

I watched The Simpsons Movie on DVD and rather liked it, there's a few extras to be had on the disc including two audio commentaries.

I also reviewed Bee Movie which isn't fantastic but does have a few laughs and giggles. It's a good effort but lacking that level of adult humour.

The trailer for Jumper appeared online and it's far superior to the teaser we previously saw. This film is looking really good.

Christopher Plummer is a favourite actor of mine and so seeing him in Man in the Chair trailer has hooked me. The film looks really strong and has been winning awards and receiving nominations like mad.

Liam Neeson appearing in an action thriller sounded an interesting casting choice, and seeing the trailer has really confirmed what a strong choice it was. It looks like this might be a powerful revenge film.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People stars Simon Pegg and a few other well known faces in the story of an English journalist coming to a large U.S. fashion magazine and failing miserably. You can see the trailer here, but I'm concerned it strays from the source novel so much that it's just another Pegg comedy vehicle.

Leave your brain at the door for the Over Her Dead Body trailer, although it has to be said that it does look a little fun.

A big moment as the trailer for Speed Racer appears in HD and looks pretty damn good, have the Wachowski's done it again?

The trailer for Dan in Real Life looks okay, but not really earth shattering. What it does look like is that Carrel is giving a more realistic and reserved performance, so that's something.

If you really want to see the trailer for Code Name: The Cleaner, then I have it in multiple formats and sizes. Lucy Liu, what are you doing?

The remake of Funny Games by the original Director is looking really good, and this restricted clip even has a big clue on how to get round the U.S. only restrictions - it's easy!

Beyond the Rave is the Internet serial that is bringing the British horror studio Hammer back to life. Frankly it looks like they're just capitalising on the Hammer back catalogue.

The trailer for Persepolis reveals that the animated film tells the story of a woman struggling with being an Iranian and living in the country during the Islamic coup.

There's a new trailer for Prince Caspian, the latest in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe films. It looks okay, but it doesn't seem to keep a story together.

National Treasure: The Book of Secrets has a new trailer online and it's looking rather good, although I can't believe that it's going to be any better than the original. Dafter perhaps.

Kenneth Branagh's Magic Flute trailer is now online and I'm getting excited. I love Branagh's Shakespearean adaptations, and this could be an equal to them. The trailer is looking gorgeous.

The first five minutes of The Golden Compass is online, and it looks okay as a film introduction, but doesn't really give us much of an idea on the film.

Gerard Butler fans, the new trailer for P.S. I Love You is online, and while it might look fun, it definitely looks twee.

You Kill Me has a new trailer and it certainly does look like it would kill you to watch it!

Word is out that the script for a Freddie Mercury biography is on the rounds in Hollywood, it even has a production company behind it.

Talking of which, there's a list going round Hollywood of the favourite scripts of a select group of film executives...the list isn't a list of scripts being made though.

Could Russell Crowe be the next Dirty Harry?

Thank God! The Catholic Church allows people to see The Golden Compass.

The plot has been revealed for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, although there are still a few unknowns.

Christian Bale really will be John Connor in the new Terminator film...after the Producers said that there wouldn't be any John Connor!

Michael Bay has claimed that Microsoft are paying companies to go with HD-DVD in order to derail the whole HD format war.

Johnny Depp is to star in a Michael Mann film about the huge crimewave in the American Depression. Depp will play the infamous Dillinger.

Joe Carnahan has revealed that his Pablo Escobar drug king film is to get assistance from Escobar's son and estate. That's a big win.

Frank Darabont has been talking about his next Stephen King adaptation, The Long Walk.

Reshoots of the ending of I Am Legend have been explained by its Director, and it seems all very harmless.

Is Timothy Olyphant to star in the X-Files sequel?

That's your lot. If you fancy summing up the week's stories on a Sunday, let me know. Anyone is welcome to do it and you can add your own comments to the stories that interest you.



Been helluva busy week and yet Simone still hasnt been out to see any films!

Thanks for the trailers though Richard. Lots of eye candy there obviously. :P

Thanks Simone. I was beginning to wonder if people rad these or the week in television.

Well now you know that I do! ;)


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