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Five minutes of Golden Compass opening online

TheGoldenCompass.jpgThe first five minutes of His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass film are online for you to see ahead of the film opening tomorrow.

The adaptation of Philip Pullman's controversial book has a huge cast and promises a trilogy of big films, if this one works well. So prior to deciding whether to go and see it or not you can catch the first five minutes online.

With opening narration from Eva Green which I'm sure will have religious groups foaming at the mouth. However there's not really that much to give anything away, although the effects do look good so far.

We see our first scenes of Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra, who really takes up most of the clip, and a few short shots of Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel, who at this point just looks like Bond, over confident, dismissive and yet troubled.

Well it is only five minutes, and you can see them over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Jo Blo.



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