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Freddie Mercury biography moving forward?

FreddieMercury.jpgThere could be some movement on the Freddie Mercury biographical film that we heard of last year, something that was talked about a long time ago.

The script has surfaced in Hollywood, and there's a production team behind it too, that of Tribeca Films.

The news comes from that horribly named Black List of scripts that shows how well liked scripts are in Hollywood by over one hundred and fifty film executives and high-level assistants, basically people who read scripts.

Now this isn't a sign that it's definitely going to happen, but there is a possibility because the script is obviously doing the rounds this year.

On that list is the following mention for the film Somebody to Love:

"SOMEBODY TO LOVE by Michael Cunningham
The story of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury
AGENT: Creative Artists Agency - Sally Willcox
Tribeca Films producing."

Freddie Mercury was the superb lead singer and fantastic performer of Queen, perhaps one of the most legendary acts of all time.

The list details come through IESB who scooped the list this year. That said the script is sitting with only two votes whereas the top of the list, Recount struck out with forty four.

Even then though, just to bring this voting malarkey into perspective to show it really doesn't mean much, another script with two votes that is being made is Burn After Reading:

"BURN AFTER READING by The Coen Brothers CIA agent Osborne Cox decides to pen his memoirs and is fired from the agency. The disc containing the memoirs inadvertently gets left in a ladies locker room at a gym, where Linda and co-worker Chad, hatch a plan to sell its contents to the highest bidder."

Other scripts with just two votes, Justice League of America being directed by George Miller and already gaining a strong cast, Eagle Eye to be directed by D. J. Caruso and starring Shia LaBeouf, Rosario Dawson, Michelle Monaghan and Billy Bob Thornton, as well as Yes Man starring Jim Carrey.

So you can see that even two votes doesn't mean that the film isn't going to be made, so are we likely to see a Freddie Mercury biographical film? I think it's a very strong likelihood, especially since we've heard the rumours of Sacha Baron Cohen playing the lead, and the even more unlikely Johnny Depp rumours.



I dont think it will happen since America had a falling out with queen after the i want to break free video


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