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Freeman talks Rendezvous With Rama

MorganFreeman.jpgMorgan Freeman has been talking, and working hard on, Rendezvous With Rama for some time. The film would see the adaptation of the classic science fiction novel from Arthur C. Clarke, a man who has just turned ninety.

Freeman has been trying to get the film made for a long time now, but is confident that it will start next year.

The story was originally written in 1972 and tells the story of a group of humans who head into space to dock with and investigate a strange spaceship which has approached Earth. Morgan Freeman would play the commander of the the ships sent to investigate, the Endeavor.

Of the film Morgan Freeman said through Sci Fi Wire:

"We have been in close contact with Arthur C. Clarke…I went to Sri Lanka just to have a sit-down with him. I'm very excited about this. When the people at [NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory] learned that we had this project we got calls from them. 'Any help you need, any help at all…

… we've been trying to develop a script. It's a very large project. You have got to develop the script, and you have got to design spaceships. And because Arthur C. Clarke wrote it, and because it's so much real science involved, we can't take too many liberties."

So it sounds like it's more of a reality than ever. The issue is getting backing to make it as it sounds like it could be a heavy CGI film with plenry of development and perhaps a lot of consultation with the legendary Arthur C. Clarke and also with NASA.

It sounds a great project and I hope it does get made, but it sounds a big budget film for Freeman to pull together.



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