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The worst films of Xmas

Nut.jpgWhile we just talked about the genre defining films of Christmas, or Xmas if you prefer, there's another side to films at this time of year that is utterly horrible and terrifying, the bad Christmas film.

While there are plenty of classic and rightly superb films at this time of year, there are even more awful films which are all the way from groan worthy to downright evil, and this is where we're going to record all those awful films you see, are given as a present, or manage to avoid, this year.

So if you watch something terrible either in the cinema or on television, or even receive a gift of a truly awful film, no matter what country you're in, tell us about it and just what made it so bad so that we can avoid it.

For example, having a look at British television in the Filmstalker Week's Films for the Xmas week there's mention of Catwoman, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Changing Lanes, Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy or even Viva Knievel!

Then there's cinema, for showing this week are films such as Alvin and the Chipmunks, St. Trinian's, Fred Claus and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

Yes there are some stinkers in there, some might say they are fun films, others might say they are just plain terrible.

So get watching, and as you see something over the coming weeks let us know about it and just how bad it was and what made you hate it so much.

In the meantime have a cracking Xmas period, whatever and however you spend it, here's happiness to you and your family from mine at, and behind, Filmstalker.



The only film I can remember from looking in the TV guide on Xmas day is the hilarious Borat which I shall be watching and theres also a Family Guy marathon on that I wont be watching seeing as I already have them all on DVD.

Looking at the 2-week TV guide my friend has got, and of course, the very comprehensive Weekend Films to Stalk, there are a LOT of very good films on telly which I hope to catch so I don't need to rent them. I would recommend that for those who have not seen The History Boys and The Queen, make sure you dont miss it on telly.

Cinemawise, I am looking forward to see I Am Legend when it gets released on Boxing Day, although I probably won't get to see it until New Year's Eve now unless good ole Morbius (who's visiting) decides otherwise.

Richard, hope you and the fiancee are both well now to have a relaxing time with family. Don't work too hard on Filmstalker now and enjoy the break which you so rightly deserve! :)

Thanks for the cross plugging Simone!

However no one seems to be getting this feature - it's the worst films you've seen or are being given over the Xmas holidays.

I'm starting the bidding with Ella Enchanted which had a surprising list of big names - Anne Hathaway, Cary Elwes, Joanna Lumley, Minnie Driver, Eric Idle, Steve Coogan, Jimi Mistry, Vivica A. Fox, Patrick Bergin and so on.

It was terrible, really groan worthy.

You're welcome as always.

However no one seems to be getting this feature - it's the worst films you've seen or are being given over the X'mas holidays

Oy! Of course I get this feature! As I havent seen any out on telly for the next 2 weeks I really can't comment just yet. Although the ones you already mentioned are bad choices indeed.

You forgot to mention Hugh Dancy, I think he was the only saving grace of Ella Enchanted. I think I gave it 2 stars, mainly for him. *swoons*

i have to say, Richard, i didn't quite understand the feature either. maybe you should have given us your thoughts about bad films to start off with. i thought at first you wanted us to discuss the bad crop of films out this holiday.

that said, i'm glad i get this opprotunity to discuss the travesty of "the grinch", where Jim Carrey and crew take a collective dump on the works and morals of the great Dr. Seuss.

alot of people loved the visuals. but come on. the original moral of the story was that the grinch stole EVERYTHING they were using to celebrate christmas, from lights, to food, to presents, to clothes, etc. heck. he even took the roast beast ( the horror!!! )

in the original, the who's down in whoville didn't bat an eye and celebrated christmas just the same anyway. it wasn't about the gifts or whathaveyou. it was about the family. about the season. about GIVING and not recieving.

the remake had them hunting down the grinch out of spite to take revenge on him for stealing their bling.

that point killed the movie for me.

and on a positive note, the best christmas movies of all time were "a christmas story" and "national lampoons christmas vacation"...i'm also partial to my family's favorite, "bad santa", but it has nothing to do with morals.

Richard, Simone, everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and thanks for another wonderful year of your company :)

Well the reason I didn't give any bad films as examples is because I hand't seen any.

Now I've caught bits of Jungle Book 2 and Spy Kids and I've turned them both off.

Oh, there was Thunderbirds the live action film too, that was terrible.

Mogulus, and one and all, thanks for coming back all the time. You guys commenting and interacting is what keeps me doing this.


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