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Funny Games Restricted clip spoiler

FunnyGames_Poster.jpgWarner Brothers have released a restricted clip for Funny Games, it's not that bad actually and I've seen much, much worse on television, but you know we all have to be nannied because otherwise we'd poke our eyes out and kill each other.

However this restricted clip from Funny Games contains a spoiler, how large I'm not yet sure.

I haven't seen the original Funny Games from Michael Haneke, so perhaps it'll take someone who has to have a look at this clip for the new Funny Games and tell us how big the spoiler is, because from where I'm sitting it could be huge.

That said there is the most disturbing moment of seeing a dead animal, and I find that more distressing than hurt humans, after all they really are innocent and, as the clip says "You brought this on yourself", the dog didn't.

You can see the clip over at Warner Brothers [Flash] through Coming Soon. It's age restricted for U.S. people only, however if you're outside the U.S. there's a page here that might help you, however please only access it if you're of legal age in your own country.

Funny Games is the story of a family who head out to their country vacation home for a...well, holiday, but while there they are set upon by two younger men who spend an evening with them where they will play sadistic games with them for their own amusement.

Haneke first wrote and directed this back in 1997 and now we're seeing it remade in English with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth. I think it looks extremely powerful, but I can't believe that groups in the U.S. haven't been up in arms about saving us from ourselves, etc. over this film.



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