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Gellar's Possession trailer

SarahMichelleGellar.jpgI previously linked to the trailer for the Sarah Michelle Gellar starring film Possession, but the trailer has been removed, so I can't really tell if this is the same trailer as before.

I do think that this is slightly different and reveals a little more speaking from the characters and a lot more tension. Although it's more horror for Gellar, I think it looks pretty strong.

There's an interesting idea and twist in the film with film which has Sarah Michelle Gellar as a married woman who's idyllic husband has a car accident with his dark and troubled brother. They both end up in a coma, and when they awake they think that they are the other brother in the wrong body.

Possession is remade from the Korean horror Jungdok, and that's where the surprise comes, or lack of it. Gellar in a Hollywood remake of an Asian horror? Say it 'ain't so!

However, the trailer does suggest something pretty interesting, and with dual Directors Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist who also directed Den Osynlige, the original of The Invisible, this might just have something over and above the standard horror.

Whatever way you cut it, and even after you watch the trailer, you have to agree that Sarah Michelle Gellar really does have to move on in her career and play a few different, and more challenging roles, before she's typecast again. Or is it too late?

Coming Soon had the link to the MyMarketingSpace trailer.



I found the trailer awful. As I sat there watching it all I could think of is how I'd much rather look up and watch the original flick.

Sara needs to stop staring in these Asian film remakes. At this point she'd be better off reprising her role as Buffy in some capacity.

I don't think the trailer is as bad as the Asian remakes we've seen to date - and bear in mind that a few have been okay.

Still, I totally agree, she needs to find something new.


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