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Gerard Butler as Conan?

Conan.jpgThere's a rumour online that Gerard Butler is in line to take over the role of Conan in a restart of the franchise, a restart without Arnold

Well if they are to revive the Conan franchise, don't you think that after 300 (Filmstalker review) Gerard Butler could be a contender? Mind you, he'll have to beef up once again, and something rotten too if we're talking Arnold Schwarzenegger size.

However, and here's the big however, this is a huge rumour, probably the size of Arnie himself during the film's heyday.

French magazine Mad Movies through AICN and Jo Blo are saying that Gerard Butler is lined up to star and that John McTiernan is looking to direct.

Now hold on there a moment, John McTiernan is currently looking at four months out of filming next year while he is serves prison time and there are a number of films on his already bulging slate.

I would have added to that statement that there's also the consideration that Gerard Butler wouldn't accept this, but then he was signed up to the remake of Escape From New York for a good while, so maybe he would think of doing Conan. I think it would all depend on the treatment.

Personally I think these names are when a studio wants publicity for a film and releases the names of those who they would be interested in having on board, and that gains the collective attention of the Interflab and then we all write about it. Before long a few real world outlets have picked it up, and maybe it helps them get some production deals signed.

I really don't see either of these names signing up right now for a Conan film.



For the love of whatever's good and holy Gerry, DON'T DO IT!

Butler could do a much better job in the acting department than Arnod did. But even in peak 300 condition, he could not look the part. Conan was massive. Arnold was massive. This is one role where you have to look the part. If they are going to pull this off, they need to find a bodybuilder who can string a couple of sentences together in a coherent fashion. Good luck.

Totally agree with you Conibear.


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