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Update: Gerard Butler in Wolverine?

GerardButler.jpgThere's a casting rumour that's spreading the Interflab regarding the new Wolverine X-Men film which is entitled, strangely enough, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as if you didn't realise who the character is.

Anyway, the rumour is that Gerard Butler is looking at joining the film.

Gerard Butler is rumoured to be getting an offer for a role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Creed aka Sabretooth. You remember, the big hairy toothy guy that he was often seen fighting against in the X-Men films.

Creed is the man who eventually becomes Sabretooth, and while Butler would be a good choice for the role and fit it well – he's manly and hairy and can act! - what of the original actor who played the role in the X-Men films? What's wrong with Tyler Mane?

Well the source that has talked to CHUD says that Gerard Butler will be approached about the role since talks with Karl Urban fell through.

It also has the even less possible rumour that Natalie Portman is in for a role, well let's say that the Director Gavin Hood has said in an offhand way that he would like Portman for the role of Kayla, and that's just an offhand wish that is surely never going to happen!

Update: Over at Collider they have an interview with Gerard Butler who addresses some of the rumours. There he confirms that he hasn't been contacted about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, although to be fair the rumour does say that they are going to be reaching out to him.

It also says that The Untouchables: Capone Rising has a long way to go yet, that there's nothing on his schedule after Game and that there's still nothing concrete about him playing the lone, mad, Pirate in The Black Freighter in the Watchmen film. That's your lot from Mr B.

I think that none of this is decided. He's saying there's a big gap in his schedule after Game, and that leaves space for Watchmen and/or a Sabretooth appearance. However I'm unsure that he'll get the offer of the Wolverine role.



Give it to Richard Armitage! He is just as good-looking and a much better actor! ;)

Sigh Simone, your so fickle! You would have wet yourself with this news a year ago! :-P

Oh no, if you must know, I am way over Butler more than a year ago! :P

Ahahahaha - I was thinking the same thing Morbius.

Simone - I don't think it's been an entire year that you've been off Gerard. :P

I still love him, but I'm not sure I see him as Sabertooth...I will have to let that possiblity simmer a bit.

Ah now even Meli's thinking the same thing!

But Meli, I thought you were on my side!

This is off topic now (sorry Richard, can't help it!) but you ought to check who Richard Armitage is actually, and to make it easier for you, here's a video link of him:


Oh and Meli, did you just say you love Gerry? Ouch. ;)

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