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Gwoemul aka Host sequel in 2008

TheHost_Poster.jpgWord has arrived on a sequel to Gwoemul (Host) (Filmstalker review) which was a superb film spanning many genres very successfully.

It seems that or Host 2 is being planned for 2008, which isn't that far away, with a production budget much greater than with the first film.

There's no word on a Director or cast as yet, but CineFantastique through HorrorMovies.ca have the word from the producer Yong-bae Choi that they had various versions of the storyline for the second film and that they were looking to hire supervisors to help him decide which one.

That's odd, I'm not sure exactly what they will be doing and why he would need supervisors, but there you go. The second film is going to be made and it looks like it'll be without Joon-ho Bong.

Now I don't know how successful that will make the second film, but I do suspect it won't be as good as the first. I'm also not sure what relation this will bear to the proposed U.S. remake.

The storyline for this sequel is said to be set some three years before the events of the first film, and again in Korea.

You can read the original review here on Filmstalker, and I'd recommend seeing the film, but I just can't believe that they can match the quality of the first with the sequel.



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