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Haggis sues over Crash

Crash_Poster.jpgPaul Haggis, the Director, co-Producer and co-Writer of Crash is, along with the other writer Bobby Moresco, are suing one of the other Producers over money that they claim they are owed from the film.

As is usual with these issues the Producer, who is the target of the suit, is saying that the profits didn't merit the returns.

Bob Yari is the Producer being sued by Robert Moresco and Paul Haggis who say that a signed agreement in 2002 shows that they are due up to US$4.7 million or GB£2.3 million of profits. The agreement came into play dependant on the film's financial success according to the BBC.

Mr Yari is sceptical and has produce documents in court that say Crash (Filmstalker review) was not a particularly profitable film after various costs are taken into account, and that's why both Haggis and Moresco weren't awarded these amounts.

It's interesting to see that the film earned nearly US$100 million or GB£48.5 million when it was released two years ago, so perhaps it's made a little more since then on DVD.

This isn't the only legal case surrounding the film though, Cathy Schulman is another Producer who is beginning legal proceedings against Yari, so you have to wonder if something hasn't been going on.

You have to wonder in this day and age of entertainment lawyers around every corner and signed agreements right left and centre that they'd be pretty much sewn up and secured by now.



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