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Hammer's Beyond the Rave teaser online

Hammer_Dracula.jpgThe rebirth of the great British Horror production company Hammer has begun with their first production called Beyond the Rave, and there's a teaser online right now and right here.

It's a very short teaser, but I actually like the way it's shot and the feeling it gives, and the music seems spot on too.

Beyond the Rave is the story of Ed who is heading off to war in the morning, but before he goes he has to rescue his girlfriend who has been taken hostage admist a secret rave and looks like she'll be subjected to all manner of nastiness.

While the idea and the teaser look rather nice, the problem with this is that it's serialised online. Now that's not a problem as such, but for the revival of Hammer, a production company that produced some ground breaking horror films that took the world by storm, and brought two great names to the fore of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, it seems really weak. It almost feels as though the company has been bought for the name to add weight to this, and possibly more, standard horror films.

After watching the trailer you do get the impression that this is going to be very much in the vein of Hostel, Turistas, Captivity etc. Have a look and see what you think.

The video comes from the Beyond the Rave MyMarketingSpace site through HorrorMovies.ca.



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