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Update: Hancock teaser online in HD

CharlizeTheron-Hancock.jpgThe Hancock teaser trailer has arrived and really it offers a bit of a mixed bag. Although some of the effects and the set-ups look good, and the whole idea floats well, I'm not sure if the teaser really does it justice.

The film sees Will Smith play a superhero who is a down and out drunk who really doesn't care for people. However he falls for Charlize Theron's character and someone he saves, played by Jason Bateman, offers to help him clean up his image.

Now that sounds okay, but the real driving force behind how good this could be is the Director, Peter Berg, someone who has a real talent for making a film engaging, exciting both visually and story wise.

So when you look at the following Hancock teaser from Jo Blo you'll probably think that a lot of the scenes look good, that the idea of Smith's character is interesting and could be carried well, and that the set-up is a strong one. However there's something lacking from the teaser, it's all glitz, glam and sparkle and lacking something a bit more concrete for me. After all, this teaser is just setting us up with the miserable failure of the superhero and the rest of the story is missing.

See what you think. There's a decent amount of Will Smith, a short glimpse of Jason Bateman and none of Charlize Theron.

Update: 22/12/2007
The Hancock trailer has been updated in HD over at Apple Trailers [QT:480p:720p:1080p] thanks to Jo Blo. The effects look better here.



Richard, don't worry about the story aspect.
This is a dark dramedy, the story is good but they just want a quick teaser out to get people's attention and build hype. The story is pretty dark.

Thanks Jake, have you seen it?

I have to admit looking solely at Will Smith I was thinking that it could be really dark, yet the rest of the cut was looking a little light hearted.

Dramedy? First time I heard of that!


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