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Happy Xmas to you all...

RedBaubles.jpgThe hours are rapidly passing us by and it won't be long before Xmas day is upon us all. For some that means presents, drink, food and family, for others it merely means holidays, and to those less fortunate than us it means little.

However you celebrate it, let me wish you and your family the best of times and of health, and if you are sitting down with friends or family do spare a thought for others, for that is really what it's all about. It's not just the receiving.

So I'm off to spend the rest of the eve drinking a nice island malt, putting tags on my presents, and winding down for tomorrow.

I hope you get lot's of great gifts, and if you're a Filmstalker reader then I hope you get something film related!

Have a great day, and we'll see you the other side.

Richard, Filmstalker.



Merry Christmas to you too Richard, and to all other " 'stalkers" out there.

Merry Xmas All! I like the idea of being referred to as a stalker ;)

Merry Christmas!

Mine was made with a DVD of an old Scottish film, Restless Natives!!

I second that Ram, thanks to Filmstalker, the word stalker has taken on a much cool and hip meaning. :)

I love it too!

Now, what did I get for Xmas that was film related...

Close Encounters of the Third Kind anniversary boxset on Blu-ray and a Filmstalker T-Shirt!! Yeah!

Really, I did. Now I have one of my own shirts I can change the sizes of the fonts as they are all a bit out...what a cracking pressie!

As I do not celebrate this holidays because of a different faith, I am looking forward to get a lot of DVDs on sale, both online and in the high street.

Richard, try that new Filmstalker shirt on, have Z take a nice photo, and use it as one of your new publicity photo for the site! ;)

Well the holiday has nothing to do with any faith, it's commercial holiday which is really for a time of family, friends, food, drink, presents, and spending for the economy.

I celebrate the holidays, much like I celebrate every holiday!!

I can't possibly. I was bought a size too small...or rather I've put on too much beef for it to fit properly!

Let me get the text sizes changed and buy another one!

Happy Holidays all! I hope it was a good one. I had lots of fun with my families. :)

As for presents that are film related...my daughter bought me the soundtrack for Sweeny Todd :) Which is what I almost bought for her! But instead bought her the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

BTW - she and I both loved the film and thankfully it wasn't too scary for her...I was worried about that.

Richard says, I can't possibly. I was bought a size too small...or rather I've put on too much beef for it to fit properly!

Somehow I got the feeling that's what you'd say! :D What are your Hogmanay plans now then?

Oh I think it might be a quiet one this year...and with less food!!

Yeah so that the shirt will fit! :P

I know it's off-topic or that I should really post this in Weekend Films to Stalk but what films on telly and DVD are you catching up with this holiday period? Everybody can answer this one too!

I saw Jurassic Park and Galaxy Quest on telly last night and forgot how amazing JP was before the sequels ruined it! I was in my early 20's when it first came out and I can still remember how stunned I was. My youngest sister, who was just 7 at that time went gaga for anything dinosaurs she got a whole set of 'em! As for Galaxy Quest, I appreciate it more now than the first time I saw it when it came out on cinema.

"a time of family, friends, food, drink, presents, and spending for the economy."

family = father = anti-social like me
friends = busy with their families
food, drink = stocked up pizza & pot noodles since supermarket is closed
presents = don't do presents for any occasions really
spending for the economy .. can't argue there ..

it was almost ritual for me to go on an online shopping spree of dvd's on xmas day, strangely enough, i didn't this year.


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