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Update: Hellboy II: The Golden Army trailer online in HD

Hellboy.jpgThe trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army is all over the Interflab just now, and I've pulled it in here for you.

I wasn't really sure how this film would turn out after reading the blurb which basically tells us that the mythical world decides to mount a rebellion against humanity to try and rule the Earth. To me it sounded either a bit too twee or a ploy to get tons and tons of monsters on screen.

However when I saw the trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army just a few moments ago I was pretty damn surprised. It looks superb, and that attitude of Hellboy that Ron Perlman plays so well is always the killer moment of a scene.

That said though, it does most certainly look like an excuse for loads of monsters to be thrown at Hellboy, but I'm sure Guillermo del Toro has brought much more to the film than that, after all he did bring Hellboy to life so superbly in the the first film.

Let me shut up and show you the trailer through Coming Soon:

Well? What do you think of the first trailer for the Hellboy sequel?

The trailer has arrived in high definition over at IGN:
Quicktime 720p, Windows Media Player 720p

If you still want that in standard definition, here are the large sizes:
Windows Media Player, Quicktime



Looks fantastic - can't wait!

Yeah I agree, looks amazing. I love the look of Guillermo del Toro's films.

Just what I was hoping for.

I think this is movie is going to be so much fun! Add this to the reasons I'm looking forward to summer '08.


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