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Hilary Swank confirms Amelia Earhart

HilarySwank.jpgA little while ago I wrote about Hilary Swank playiing Amelia Earhart, and now she's confirmed it in an interview.

She also reveals that the script won't be about the mystery of her disappearance, rather exploring the woman as a whole.

Now while I agree that the woman was remarkable and a film about her life, achievements and drive would be really interesting, I do think that addressing her disappearance and the search for her plane would be rather fascinating. After all there's a lot of mystery in there, and that always makes for a good story.

Amelia Earhart was an well renowned pilot who was a women's rights advocate as well as a author and holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross. She disappeared in 1937 trying to make a circumnavigational flight of the world, despite a massive search she was declared dead.

Here's what Hilary Swank said over at Collider about the Amelia Earhart film:

"What a wonderful woman, what an inspiration. A pioneer, too...there are so many things that are left unsaid about where she is, and a lot of people have a lot of different ideas, but it's not really exploring that in the movie."

She also revealed that there's just a little script work to be done and that they hope the writer's strike will be over by then and the issues will be sorted. It looks like they're hoping for a start in late February.

Great story, but I think there will be more excitement raised in a story specifically about that disappearance, the public love a mystery. I wonder how long it will be before another studio announces that project?



Although not a big fan of Miss Swank, I can see that she will be able to pull this one off. I have always though that Earheart's disappearance can be a good subject for a film.

Why are you not such a big fan Simone?

I think she got it too easy on those Best Actress awards.

She won it in Million Dollar Baby when it was quite clear (to me at least) that Annette Bening (Being Julia) was the more deserving to win it that year. And dont even get me started on Boys Don't Cry because she was up against Bening (American Beauty) for the first time and eventually won. You can probably tell I like Bening more. Ehr, yes!

Other than that, I really don't have a problem with her. Oh yes, I really ought to say something about the Gerry thing. ;)


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