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Hulk and Iron Man filming together?

Hulk.jpgThis is strange, and perhaps a complete fabricated rumour, but it is intriguing. Following on from the news that Samuel L. Jackson is appearing as Nick Fury in Iron Man, a rumour has it that the character will also appear in The Incredible Hulk.

More than that the Incredible Hulk is going to appear in a scene in Iron Man...or vice versa.

This might all sound like some conspiracy to bring the Marvel films all together, but in a way it sounds like a perfect fit. After all if they'd done this for the Justice League of America the move to a film filled with these superhero's might have been a bit easier to take.

The rumour comes from AICN who have an email from a “spy” who tells them that they aren't sure which way round it is, but Iron Man is shooting a scene or two with The Incredible Hulk. He goes onto say that it's possible this scene could be used in both films.

Nice idea as it is, I really can't see it happening. The Incredible Hulk would be far too big a character to throw into the Iron Man story without Iron Man having to keep at the fight. What, would he step in to fight the Hulk for a few rounds and then fly away, leaving the Hulk to keep on going?

I really can't see it myself, but the idea of bringing these characters together in some way would point towards a Marvel film of the The Avengers, the Marvel version of the Justice League of America film.



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