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Is John Connor in Terminator or not?

Terminator.jpgI'm confused somewhat. With the Hollywood press reporting that Christian Bale is indeed in talks for a role in Terminator they are saying that the film is going to focus on John Connor who is in his thirties and leading the fight against the machines.

However the producers told us otherwise, that although it would include John Connor, it will feature a new hero.

So what's going on? Who's really going to be leading the fourth film? Before I leap into discussing it, see the sidebar of the site for the latest poll on who Christian Bale could be playing, or rather who you would want him to play.

Back in July the Producer James Middleton revealed that the film is going to break from the Terminator franchise.

"It would include John Connor and it would also include a brand new hero for the movie…We envision this T4 would be the beginning of a new trilogy. We had talked about having Arnold doing a cameo and we've never been at a point where that could happen."

From his comments it would seem that John Connor would be there for a quick segway into the new hero and the new franchise, after all the longer they keep him on screen the longer they are tied to the past films.

Then there were more updates from the Producers that reaffirmed that John Connor was not going to be the central hero and it would turn to someone new.

So I'm slightly confused. I guess they can't write John Connor totally out of the film, after all he is the man who brings the people together to fight against the machines, but that doesn't mean to say he lives to see the end of the war, and that's something that has been referenced before in the previous films.

We could see John Connor come back to reintroduce the audiences to the Terminator universe and then hand over to another hero and a new Terminator.

I actually think that this is the likely scenario, and if Bale is playing John Connor then he's getting a short appearance to hand over to the new character, and maybe even die.

If he's playing the new hero then he's in there all the way through, as he is if he's playing the new Terminator, something I'm not sure about either. If he's playing a new Terminator then doesn't this mess with the timeline of the Arnie Terminator being the first skin based model? Mind you, I guess that's easy to play around with in a time travel story.

So, who is Bale set to play, vote in the poll in the sidebar, and more to the point is John Connor in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins and should he even be?



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