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Jackson directs 3D Hobbit?

PeterJackson.jpgWell you take a day off with friends and you find you miss a huge rumour that is sweeping the Interflab, that Peter Jackson is going to be directing The Hobbit, and that he'll film it in 3D. Not only that but the word is that he's also going to work with New Line to reproduce Lord of the Rings in 3D too.

Okay, now with that huge rumour thrown out there let's get back to some grounding on the story.

There is no contract, and there is no announcement. This is a rumour that originated from a 3D animation blog (MarketSaw) through Collider, and when AICN picked it up they contacted the relevant people who all said it just isn't true.

The original story claimed that an inside source had told the MarketSaw site that The Hobbit was a one hundred percent go for Peter Jackson and that New Line and he were set to make the two part film. They also rumoured that it would all be shot in 3D with Lord of the Rings following on with a conversion to the 3D market.

Well, it sounds like another hopeful rumour, one of the advantages of having a day off is you don't get caught up in all this.

Peter Jackson and New Line still haven't settled their differences, and never mind differences, the court case still isn't settled. So until that is done we won't see anything move forward. However we have seen a slight softening in the view of New Line against Peter Jackson, they even said they...

"…would love for [Jackson] to be creatively involved in some way in The Hobbit."

Still, it's not settled and that means no film. That has to be sorted, relationships repaired and then perhaps the move will happen. Plus he has a busy schedule.

That said, I could see Lord of the Rings making it to 3D, but not until that format really proves itself and comes out from being a fad and a powerful director's indulgent toy.



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