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Justice League of America name change

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgThe upcoming superhero ensemble film Justice League of America seems like it could be getting a massive name change, and for no apparent good reason.

Justice League of America could well be becoming American Heroes.

Now I did consider that maybe one of the reasons that this is happening is because of the title and today's political environment. Justice League of America might not be looked favourably on by every single territory in the world, so maybe a name change was to make it less American and more heroic.

Apparently not, because American Heroes gives just the same connotations, although a little less feeling as though the American superheroes are the defenders and enforcers of all things Justice.

Cinema Blend carries the story from Moviehole that the name change is imminent, they also say that the change in name is due to the non-American release of the comic being titled American Heroes – ah, that might explain everything...except the title's rubbish.

It sounds like a reality show, or something that comes from cheap television. I'm in Scotland, I don't read Justice League of America and never have, and yet I know who they are, even before the film was talked about. American Heroes? I have no clue.

I don't think the name change is a good idea, and the Justice League of America emblem using the initials could be really good, although frankly I'd drop the America bit and go with Justice League.



I don't believe this for a second. Sounds like utter and complete rumor.


Well of course it sounds like a rumour, so far it is. If we didn't discuss rumours we'd just turn into news sites wouldn't we Vic?!

can't be true. they'd be cutting off at least 1/4 of their projected audience if they did this because people wouldn't even be smart enough to realize it was a justice league movie.

interestingly enough, the league has been split in the past between JLamerica and JLeurope, and had 2 seperate comic books for each team. maybe the truth is they're thinking of calling it JLA? that wouldn't be so bad.

american heroes sounds too much like that old show "greatest american hero" and conjurs images of William Katt in red leotards...

...wow. i just wasted that comment rehashing exactly what you said in your post.

sorry about that, richard. that's what i get for commenting at 4:49 am...

4:49am?! Geez, that's late...early...whatever!

No you didn't repeat, you gave some better examples and explanation than I did.


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