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Kristin Kreuk in Street Fighter

KristinKreuk.jpgI have to admit that I missed this news that Kirstin Kreuk is going to be in the new Street Fighter film, wow, that's a comedown for her.

I thought, after seeing the first series of Smallville, that she was destined for great things and could really develop a strong film career from the series, how wrong I was, once I saw her advertising spot cream I changed my mind.

Now though she is set to make a big appearance, as Chun-Li in Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li, which means she's the star!

The film is written by Justin Marks and Andrzej Bartkowiak is directing, it's due to start filming in March 2008 and it's live action. Coming Soon has the news.

The film will focus on Chun-Li and her fight for justice, so it raises the question, will Kirstin Kreuk wear that sexy outfit and those sexy boots? No...that's not the question it raises! It raises the question of if they are going to make a franchise out of the series and take a few films from different character perspectives.

I would say that would be answered if the first film is successful, but to be honest as long as it breaks even we'll probably see another one, after all game tie in revenue would be a big enough incentive.



She looks like a mouse. An irritating mouse!!!


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