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Lindsay Lohan honoured

LindseyLohan.jpgYes, it's hard to believe and I really thought that this was an extremely early April Fools, but it seems that the Capri Film Festival are to honour Lindsay Lohan for her contribution to the film industry.

That's exactly what I thought. Strange that bad behaviour, abuse of wealth and power, and setting a very bad public example gets you such popularity. I'd like to really know what she's actually won for.

The organiser of the festival, Pascal Vicedomini, said:

“It is indeed an honor to have Lindsay Lohan at Capri, Hollywood. We are delighted to recognize her talent as a performing artist, as well as her position as an icon in the world of entertainment”

Ah, now I've got it. It's her iconic part that's getting her the recognition. The part that has been messing up on film sets, getting her the tiniest of parts in a few decent films and getting leads in absolute stinkers, and then making a public spectacle of herself.

You know I am dead against writing about Hollywood gossip, but there's a point where public, self destructive behaviour and the ongoing endorsement and encouragement of it by the media, those who buy gossip magazines and read the stories, and of Hollywood itself, becomes too much. Really this has moved from gossip to career debilitating fact and professional embarrassment.

What's interesting about the story from WENN through Starpulse News Blog, is the names of some of the previous winners of the award – Vanessa Redgrave, Faye Dunaway, Geoffrey Rush, and Mira Sorvino.

Wow, what a list of names, and then Lindsay Lohan? Celebrity is a strange affliction indeed.



man, if i ever become a published writer, i'm going to tear these people a new one. good on you for bringing this travesty to light.

my wife buys those trash rag mags and i believe they're unhealthier than cigarettes.

interestingly enough, lindsay lohan used to be one of the hottest women on the planet in my opinion, but her behavior since turning 18 has diminished her star for me so much i honestly wouldnt' be caught dead in the same room with her.

Today I discovered the truth that Lindsay is finally returning to rehabilitation. This is in all probability at least her fourth instance. I genuinely hope that Lindsay L. may possibly make it at this point. The one thing Lindsay is at risk of is a lot more jail-time or loss of life. I too hope that lilo is not just acting out like this for a press release, but it seems that this may be the case if the Capri Film festival is bestowing the honors...

But how many chances does she get and how much is being given to her because of her being a celebrity. A slap on the wrist is proving not to be working, so why dish it out four times in a row now?

I wonder if any non-celeberity would get this kind of relaxed treatment from the law?


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