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Lordi film trailer surprises

Lordi.jpgRemember Lordi? They were the shocking winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 who went onto sign a deal to writer and appear in a horror film?

Well that aforementioned horror film has delivered a trailer, and this has gone much further than a camp joke that would normally come out of Eurovision. The film, Dark Floors, looks more than solid, it looks incredibly scary.

You know I'm actually wondering if Dark Floors could turn out to be a really good horror film, certainly by the trailer it is and the blurb for the film reads just as well.

A father is concerned for his daughter's health, she's autistic and is permanently in hospital. However, he's decided the best thing is to take her home so he turns up at the hospital to collect her. However the usual horror trick of a broken lift sees them trapped with some others from the hospital, awaiting help. Eventually the lift starts working again and lets them out into a hospital that is deserted except for the dead of course. They begin to find mutilated corpses and strange creatures start attacking them, and it may be that their only protection is the autistic girl.

Sounds good doesn't it? Well even if it doesn't have a look at the trailer and prepare to be surprised, because it is put together really well and does look like it's going to be a strong horror. I never thought I'd be saying that about the Eurovision Song Contest winners!

You know another positive aspect are some of the cast, Noah Huntley, William Hope, Philip Bretherton and Ronald Pickup, some not bad British television actors. Is this really going to surprise us?

You can see the trailer over at the Dark Floors official site [Flash] through Bloody Disgusting.



lordi is awsome and i think that the horror movie dark floors is going to be just the same they are the god of rock and always will be

Threw in a little bit of "I'll never tell" there at the end, didn't they? Everything else looked pretty good.


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